Friday, 22 August 2014

la luna by kaydee

La Luna by Kaydee
Rowing down the ocean the little boy says, “Wow look at those glazing stars in the black dark sky.”
The boy gets a present from his grandfather. It was a brown hat. Then his papa and grandfather started to argue, the boy looked confused. The little boys grandfather had a white fat poofy beard. The boys papa look at the moon. It looks like gold rising from the sea. The sea is as blue as a blue whale. The boys papa pulls out a gigantic wooden ladder. He then handed the boy an anchor and the boy climbed up the ladder. With every step he took the ladder creaked. The boy went as pale as a red apple. They all climbed the ladder and started to do the job. “The stars were shining like gold” the boy said. An enormous star came flying towards them. The boy grabbed a hammer and hit it. It turned into small stars. All the boys started to sweep the moon. When they finished then had a look at it. the end

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