Friday, 23 May 2014

the scary start

In 2010 it was the day for a new thing to happen first i ate my food then suddenly time to go mum said i went all pail.

OK i said time to start the day then it came to me a cold chill down my spine as i walked in to the creepy class it looked like it was haunted i said to mum I'm really scared . I went and sat on the mat next to this freaky kid then mum left and the bell went and i went to break and i saw my two brothers and then the bell went to go to class again.

After first break we went on to writing and i was no quit sure what to do then the Teacher came over my face went red and i went all stiff like  solider then time passed  and the day was over and i said finaly time to go home then i said to mum it the day wasn't that scary after all.