Wednesday, 12 March 2014


on thursday the 6th of mharch it was that time of the year athletics  time at victory park  thats where all of the school's battle for the sheild. waiting for my race sweating like a man im ovisly nervous 8 year olds make your way to the start im thinking should i  race  abby and katelyn are  i cant backout now  ok the man said when i shot the gun run i said ok bang went  the gun it sount  like a  crash in my head  i ran looking foward i could see abby just in front so i started to speed 
 like a rocket ship in front i saw the fhinish line so i ran across  coming in second place i got a stick then i put it in the auroa box . yaay my race is over but then time passed it was time to do long jump i had colled down and had a drink of water . i looked at the the sand and jused jumped into the ickey sand then i ran to the end of the line and waited my turn we had two rounds of it then the people said time to move on to the high jump.It looked hard but then when i had a go at it dident seem so hard after all i got up to round 3 then i kept failing damet damet come on kaydee but then i reliesd that it got higher  and higher thats  why it gets harder yass the days over time for the  flag parade  then the raffel  fianly the time ive been waiting for this whole day who gets the shild in 4th place is kaponga then 3rd is mania 2nd is sant pat so yass we all new we won the shelid we all cherred ou loud  as yousil we won thats our tenth time winning  then we  got a pitcher of the whole school  with the shelid.

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  1. Great story Kaydee,
    sounds like it was a really awesome day for you and the school.
    Auroa WINNERS again :)