Tuesday, 11 March 2014


In the weekends. I went to  a  birthday party it was a  pool party  at auroa  school pool it was freezing I southed  awwww it's cold   We ate junk food like lollies  chocolate  mashmalows chips and other junk food that is scrunches  emm  I   thought  we swam for a cople of hours  then  went back to  Zaria h jays  house they had a dog called roxy  a budgie And a  cat.  For dinner we had kapuni  I got a pice of fish and a crab stick  we  watched tv then went to play in the tent we played truth or dare . Night time we played spotlight then me Zariah  and mesadies hid in the tent  kobin and zayden couldn't find us we gave them a clue but they still dident seem to find us  hahaha we laughed then they found us  and the game was over we were going to play on the tramp then we went inside to bulid a hutt once it was built  we hoped in it and watched boy and then went to sleep and  played on the meep  then I fell to slepp  the end

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